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This page explains the different types of rates levied on properties in Porirua City.

General rates

General rates are payments made by ratepayers for the general purposes of the local authority. They are charged at a specific rate in the dollar on the capital value of every rating unit.

These rates are set according to the differential category in which a property lies. Different levels of rates are applied to the residential, business, and rural sectors and sub-sectors within them. The current differential categories in Porirua City are:

Category Group
Residential 01 - Residential and Other
Business 13 - Business
  15 - Motels
  16 - Shopping Plazas
Rural 18 - Rural

More details on the make up of the rating categories can be found in the Funding Impact Statement in the Long-term Plan.

Uniform Annual General Charge

The uniform annual general charge (UAGC) is calculated as one fixed amount per rating unit.

The UAGC is for general purposes of the local authority.

Targeted Rates

Targeted rates are levied to pay for specific Council services.

The targeted rates assessed by Porirua City Council are for water supply, sewerage disposal, kerbside recycling, city centre development, and the Pauatahanui Sewerage and Water Scheme.

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