Certificate of Title for a Property

This page provides information about Certificates of Title and how to obtain one.

You must provide a Certificate of Title for the land in respect of which you are applying for a:

  • Building Consent.
  • Resource Consent

If the Certificate is missing Council can supply a copy at the current fee level.

A Certificate of Title records land ownership

The registration of land titles is administered by Land Information New Zealand under the provisions of the Land Transfer Act 1952.

A Certificate of Title will provide you with: 

  • The person in whose name the land is currently registered.
  • The legal description of the land i.e. Lot and DP number.
  • The total land area.
  • Boundary line measurements.
  • All easements registered on the land.
  • Any mortgages or other legal attachments (may include rates outstanding to a territorial authority or prohibition on undertaking a specific activity on the land etc).
  • Consent notices.

Applying for a Certificate of Title

Land Information New Zealand issues Certificate of Titles.

To order copies of land records such as a title (computer register) or a survey plan from LINZ, go to the LINZ website to:

  • use the online form to order a copy of a land record
  • fax or post a completed land record order form for a title record or survey record to the LINZ processing centre that handles requests for the land district where the property is located (listed on the form)
  • call 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) and select option 6 to request a copy of the form, or
  • email info@linz.govt.nz to request a copy of the form.

Finding property boundaries

When land boundaries are originally set they are marked on site by survey pegs. With the passage of time they may have rotted or otherwise disappeared making the establishment of the boundaries difficult.

Council and Land Information New Zealand records provide boundary measurements only and do not accurately identify boundary lines.

Council maps and aerial photographs are guides only and provide accuracy up to plus or minus one metre.

If you cannot locate the survey pegs for your property you will need to employ a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor to set them for you.

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