This section describes the method of rating in Porirua City, how to pay your rates, and the rebates available.

What are Rates?

Rates are a tax charged by the Council to help pay for the services and facilities provided to the community. These services include water supply, rubbish collection, roads and footpaths, parks, reserves and sports fields, Pataka Art and Museum, libraries, swimming pools, cemeteries, harbour restoration and village planning.

The Rating Unit is generally a piece of land with a separate Certificate of Title.

The Ratepayer is generally the owner of the rating unit.

When a property is sold, the lawyers acting for the vendor will advise Council and obtain details of any outstanding rates for settlement purposes.

How are Rates set?

Rates are set in accordance with the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.  Schedule 1 of the Act defines non-rateable land and 50% rateable land.

Rate setting is one of the end results of the Long Term Plan or Annual Plan process, which includes public consultation.  The final step of the process is the Council approving the Long Term Plan or Annual Plan and the Rates Resolution in June.

The Long Term Plan and Annual Plan include the following key documents:

  • Revenue and Financing Policy (pdf) - defines the sources of funding (including general and targeted rates) for operating and capital expenditure.
  • Funding Impact Statement (pdf) - details the rating mechanisms, the valuation basis, the differential categories (residential, commercial and rural), the fixed amounts per rating unit (Uniform Annual General Charge), and targeted rates that pay for specific Council services.

Links to more rates information

Porirua City Council:

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Contact details:

  • Valuation matters - Contact Quotable Value NZ Ltd, Wellington, on 0800 787 284
  • Policy enquiries - Contact Greater Wellington on (04) 384 5708 or email rates@gw.govt.nz
  • Rating enquiries - Contact the Porirua City Council on (04) 237 5089 or email rates@pcc.govt.nz