Parking Infringement Notices

This page explains a motor vehicle owner's legal liabilities regarding parking offences in Porirua City.

Motor vehicle owners are liable for parking infringements

Motor vehicle owners have strict liability for Stationary Vehicle Infringement Offence notices issued for their vehicle, unless they satisfy Council that the vehicle was in the possession of a person other than himself or herself when the infringement notice was issued.

Vehicle owner did not have possession of vehicle when offence occurred

If your vehicle was sold or disposed of prior to the issue of an infringement notice, or alternatively it was in the possession of another person on the day of the offence, you should promptly notify Council of this in writing and provide sufficient details i.e., full name, residential address etc., of the person to clearly identify them to enable liability for the notice to be transferred to them.

If you do not do this before the infringement notice payment date, you will remain legally responsible for the infringement fee.

Notifications to Council must be in writing

You are to make your notification to Council in a written letter including the details referred to above or you may download, complete and forward the Parking Infringement Explanation Form to Council’s Customer Service Centre by using the link below.

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