Parking in Porirua City

This page provides information about free and paid all parking in the Porirua Central Business District, public vehicle parking restrictions, and parking enforcement in Porirua City.

Porirua City provides free time restricted motor vehicle parking in most areas

Porirua City provides free time restricted motor vehicle parking in the central business district and suburban shopping centres.

The maximum parking times are sign posted in each parking area.

The times shown on the signpost are in minutes i.e., P15, P30, P60, P90 or P120 and are the maximum times a vehicle may be parked in those parking areas.

It is important you check the signs before you park your vehicle, as some car parks have more than one time limit zone and/or other parking restrictions i.e., Operation Mobility applying.

The time restrictions apply between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday inclusive unless otherwise specifically signposted.

North City Shopping Centre, Mega Centre, Whitby Shopping Centre and the New World, Countdown and Pak 'N Save supermarkets provide free customer parking on their sites subject to restrictions that may be imposed in each area. 

Check the car park signage for Operation Mobility parking allowances, time restrictions and enforcement procedures which in some cases may result in your vehicle being wheel-clamped.

Note: Council has no jurisdiction in these areas.

Free all day parking is available near the central business district

Free all day worker parking is available near the Porirua central business district and the Porirua and suburban Railway Stations.  Your vehicle must:

  • Be parked in compliance with signs displayed, painted road markings including direction arrows, painted hatchings and New Zealand Road Code etc.
  • Be correctly parallel parked in line with the traffic flow where parallel parking is required.
  • Not obstruct road traffic or block parking space access.

Note: Some free all day car parks have time restricted and parking prohibited areas.  Check the signposts and markings for these.  See notes below.

Free all day worker parking is available at:

  • All of Heriot Drive.   There are no time or other parking restrictions.
  • Lyttelton Avenue – Along the stream (northern) side of the road south from the shops to the Station Road exit and on the opposite side from Walton Leigh Avenue to the Station Road exit. Note: There are marked and sign posted bus stops, and restricted spaces along this street.
  • The off road car park situated at the southern end of Lyttelton Avenue near the Station Road exit between the stream and Mobil service station.
  • The "railway" car park located on the State Highway 1 side of the Porirua Railway Station and railway line.  Entry and exit is via the Mungavin interchange. Note:  Comply with signage, road markings and New Zealand Rode Code (i.e. correct parallel kerb parking where applicable).

A map showing unrestricted parking areas in the Porirua City Centre is available for downloading by using the link below.

Pay and Display Parking

Pay and Display parking areas at 2 and 10 Hagley Street (front of Police station and old Challenge service station site) provide medium-term parking.

Between 8am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, parking costs $1 per hour with a maximum charge of $5 per day.

All Pay and Display machines accept coins. Credit cards are only accepted on the Pay and Display Machines at the Police station carpark. A 50 cent transaction fee applies to credit card payments.

The parking areas are patrolled by PCC Council Parking Officers and vehicles parked over the time on their receipt or without a receipt will be issued with an infringement notice.  Any cars parked for longer than 8 hours without payment, or cars parked incorrectly, will be towed.

There is parking for visitors to Porirua City Council

If you are officially visiting Porirua City Council you may use a special Council visitor car park in Blue Heron Lane, off Hagley Street directly opposite the Council Administration Building.

To use this car park, please advise the Council’s Customer Services Centre on the ground floor of the Administration Building, of your vehicle registration number, after you have arrived and before you proceed to your meeting.

Unauthorised vehicles parked in the Council's visitor carpark will be towed at their owner's expense.

When parking your motor vehicle do:

  • Comply with the New Zealand Road Code at all times.
  • Ensure your vehicle does not obstruct or endanger pedestrians or other road traffic, and comply with parking road markings and signs, time restrictions etc, and remove your vehicle completely from the car park by the due time.
  • Park parallel to the kerb in line with the direction of traffic flow with the vehicle’s left side against the kerb unless road markings and signage indicate angle parking is required.

When parking your motor vehicle do not:

  • Use the Operation Mobility parking spaces unless you are entitled to do so and are displaying a valid Mobility Parking permit on your vehicle.
  • Park on grass berms as it is prohibited by a Porirua City Council bylaw. The berm is the grassed strip or strips located between the road kerbs, public footpath if any and a property front boundary.
  • Do not park on footpaths. Footpaths are for pedestrian and roads are for motor vehicles. Illegal footpath parking includes parking a vehicle so that it either straddles the footpath completely or has one or more wheels on the footpath and the others either on the road or grass berm.
  • Do not park on broken yellow lines, incorrectly parallel park your vehicle facing oncoming traffic, or incorrectly park your vehicle with its hazard warning lights operating. This does not exempt you from enforcement action unless an emergency situation exists.

You should not remove Parking Officer chalk marks from your vehicle tyres. This will not help you avoid parking enforcement action.   Nor will moving your vehicle from space to space in a time restricted car park in an attempt circumvent the parking restrictions. Your vehicle must be removed completely from the car park by the due time.

If you do not want to park on the road, it is your responsibility to find a safe and legal alternative.

You can make enquiries with Council for parking enforcement information

For all parking inquiries contact our Customer Services Centre on phone (04) 237 5089.

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