Outdoor Dining Permits

This page explains how to apply for an Outdoor Dining Permit in Porirua City.

What is an outdoor dining permit?

An Outdoor Dining Permit is required to set up any furniture, display or signage for any purpose in any public place under Council control.

If you operate a food shop, food takeaway, restaurant or cafe bar and want to place furniture on a public place adjacent to your premises for customer or el fresco dining, you must first obtain the Outdoor Dining Permit.

This permit is additional to the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974, Sale of Liquor Act 1989 and Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991 registration and licensing requirements.

The permits may be issued at Council discretion.

Permit Application Criteria

The following factors will be considered before a permit is issued:

  • The size and location of the public area or areas that you propose to use.
  • The accessibility of the area or areas to your premises.
  • The total number of and type of tables, chairs and/or other furniture that you propose to install.
  • How you will clearly mark and designate the area or areas for your use, particularly if you are applying for the permit in conjunction with a liquor On-Licence.
  • The hours during which and days on which the outdoors area or areas will be operated as part of your business.
  • The procedures you will have in place to supervise and control access to the area or areas when in use.
  • The lighting, security, safety and cleaning systems you will employ.
  • The proposed area or areas will not obstruct or distract pedestrian or road traffic.

You need to provide a scale plan with your application showing your premises and the proposed public area or areas identifying area boundaries and location of the tables, chairs, barriers and/or other furniture.

Outdoor Dining Permit applications made relating to liquor licensed premises will be referred to our Licensing Inspector, the Police and Wellington Regional Health Office for comments.

If there are no objections, we will issue the Outdoor Dining Permit. It will include a plan showing the area or areas approved under the permit for el fresco dining.

If you are operating registered food premises only, you must keep your permit available for inspection if and when requested by an authorised Council Officer.

If the permit is being used in conjunction with premises licensed under the Sale of Liquor Act 1989, you must keep a copy of both the permit and area plan on display with your liquor licence and renewal notice.


Your outdoor permit fee is renewable on 1 July in each year.   

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