Hazardous Substances

This page provides information on how to deal with and dispose of hazardous substances in Porirua City.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) administers hazardous substance licensing and enforcement through New Zealand.

It does this through the offices of other agencies:

  • WorkSafe New Zealand
  • Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
  • Land Transport Safety Authority
  • The Police
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Maritime Safety Authority
  • The Ministry of Health
  • City and District Councils  

Hazardous substances are legally defined

A hazardous substance includes any substance that has one or more of the following properties:

  • Explosiveness
  • Flammability
  • The capacity to oxidize
  • Corrosiveness
  • Acute or chronic toxicity
  • Ecotoxicity, with or without bio accumulation (i.e. it can kill any type of life form either directly or indirectly by environmental build up e.g. in the ground, water, vegetation etc): or
  • The ability to generate toxic substances with any of the above properties upon contact with air or water.

Taking over an existing hazardous substance business

If you intend to buy an existing business that is licensed for hazardous substances check with us first to confirm there are no outstanding Resource Consent, Building Consent or hazardous substance licensing compliance issues.

If you intend to change the nature of, or close the business, also check with us as specific approval/s may be required to:

  • Change the building use under the Building Act 2004 and/or Resource Management Act 1991.
  • Remove all hazardous substances and/or storage containers (i.e. drums, above or underground tanks etc) from the site. 

Starting a new hazardous substance business

To start a new business that will involve the manufacture, storage, use or sale of hazardous substances call us on phone (04) 237 5089 or visit us before you start any site work for compliance advice on:

  • The Resource Management Act 1991, Porirua City District Plan.
  • The Building Act 2004 and New Zealand Building Code.
  • The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.

It is recommended you also check with the:

  • Environmental Protection Agency for HSNO information.
  • WorkSafe New Zealand
  • Ministry of Health

Storage of swimming pool treatment chemicals

Pool treatment chemicals such as chlorine are hazardous substances and must be correctly stored and secured away from other chemicals.

Make sure you have separate secure storage for each chemical that you use so they are safely away from child access or potential contamination by other substances i.e., oil, petrol, diesel etc.

When emptying your chemically treated pool, empty it into the Council sewer and not the storm water system to prevent sea and water way pollution.

Disposing of hazardous substances

Dispose of unwanted hazardous substances or chemicals i.e., paints, chemicals, car batteries, biological waste etc in a responsible and safe manner.

Do not dispose of them in storm water, other open or closed drains or waterways or burn them.  Do not dump them in any landfill tip without first obtaining expert advice to ensure that it is safe to do so.

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