Hairdressing Registration

This page details the hairdresser registration and hygiene requirements and information for businesses in Porirua City.


All hairdressing premises including mobile shops must be registered with us and comply with the set minimum hygiene standards.
Registration is renewable annually by 1 September in each year.

A hairdresser's shop means any premises, other than premises occupied by a customer, where a hairdresser carries on his or her business or practice.

Note: This includes a mobile hairdressing shop, a hairdressers home where that is being used for business purposes but does not include a customer's home.

Complete our application form and pay the Hairdressers Registration fee.

Your registration certificate must be clearly displayed on your premises or stall for public viewing.

Definition of a hairdresser

  • A hairdresser means a person who engages for profit or reward in the business or practice of hairdressing, whether in a hairdresser’s shop or not.
  • Hairdressing means the dressing, curling, waving, cleansing, cutting, shaving, trimming, singeing, bleaching, tinting, colouring, or other treatment of the hair or beard of any person.
  • All hairdressers where ever they conduct their business however must comply with the set minimum standards for hairdresser's shop.

Buying an existing business

If you are proposing to buy an existing hairdressing shop discuss your proposal with Council's Customer Services Centre early in your planning to avoid later problems.

  • You should check that:
    • The existing premises/business has current registration.
    • There are no hygiene requisitions or other registration issues outstanding.
    • The premises are building code compliant, for example, they have a current Warrant of Fitness and/or a Code Compliance Certificate and there are no oustanding building issues.

If you are buying the building, apply for a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) to find out more about the property. 

Starting a new business

If you are proposing to start a new business consult us early in the planning process.

  • You may need a building consent and a resource consent if you are:
    • Constructing a new building.
    • Structurally altering an existing building.
    • Changing the use of an existing building i.e. from office accommodation to a hairdresser’s shop.
    • Converting retail space in a shopping mall into hairdressing premises.
    • Establishing a hairdressing salon in your home.
    • Erecting a free standing roof, wall or verandah mounted sign.

Advertising signs

Depending on their size, type, location and method of fixture, advertising signs must comply with Building, District Plan and/or Bylaw requirements.

Hygiene standards

You must comply with the minimum standards for hairdresser's shop set by government regulation. Our Environmental Health Officers (EHO) will carry out periodic inspections of your hairdressing premises.

When making the inspection we will notify you at the time of any hygiene issues detected during the inspection. We will confirm our findings in writing and identify the remedial work required and the time frame for its completion.

Extra or special inspections will be carried out if hygiene standards are deficient. In these cases additional inspection fees may be charged. In cases of serious breaches, your registration may be suspended or cancelled and/or you may be prosecuted in the District Court.

The EHO's also investigate complaints about registered premises. If you have concerns about a hairdresser's hygiene standards, phone us on (04) 237 5089 or visit our Customer Service Centre.

Complaints regarding cost, customer service or work quality must be addressed directly with the business management as we have no jurisdiction in those matters.

Change of ownership

To notify us of a change in ownership, complete our Change of Notification of Ownership form and pay the Transfer of Ownership fee.

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