Food Safety for Food Stalls

Fundraising and community events food stalls

If you are operating a food stall - whether giving away food as a promotion or selling it - food safety requirements apply.

If you're selling food to raise funds, or for charity, it must be "safe and suitable". That means it must be safe to eat – no one should get sick from eating your food.

You don't have to register under the Act or pay a fee if you're selling food:

  • to raise funds for a charity, cultural or community group less than 20 times a year.
  • provided by members of sports clubs, social clubs or marae – where food is not the purpose of the event.
  • commercially at fairs, markets, or occasional events once a calendar year.

Food safety tips for selling food for fundraising can be found on the Ministry for Primary Industries website below.

If you are selling food at a food stall (including a mobile food store) more than 20 times per year, you need to apply to register your food stall as a business.  See Food Safety for Businesses.

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