Fireworks Storage and Use

This page details information about fireworks importation, storage, sale and purchase, permit requirements and safety guidelines.
Note: Porirua City Council has no legal jurisdiction regarding the storage, sale and use of fireworks.

Storage and sale of fireworks

Guidelines for the safe storage and sale of fireworks:

  • Store your fireworks in closed flame resistant containers away from all sources of ignition i.e. heat, flames, sparks etc.
  • Always use common sense and extreme caution when storing, handling or using fireworks.
  • The commercial sale of fireworks is permitted only during the 4 days up to and including 5th November in each year.
  • Fireworks can be sold only to persons aged 18 years and over.
  • However, fireworks are able to be used at any time of the year (i.e: there is no time restriction on when fireworks can be used, even though there is a restriction on the sales time of fireworks).
  • The sale of sky rockets is prohibited.

Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 2001 (SR 2001/121) (as at 15 May 2008), clause 6 state:

Display and sale of fireworks

(1) Fireworks may be displayed for retail sale or sold by a retailer during the period beginning on 2 November and ending at the close of 5 November in each year.

(2) Fireworks may be sold by a retailer at other times only under a written approval issued by the Authority under regulation 7.

(3) A retailer must not sell fireworks to a person aged under 18 years.

(4) A retailer must not sell any fireworks unless a test certificate for those fireworks that complies with regulation 10 has been issued.

(5) A retailer must not sell a retail fireworks package containing any firework referred to in regulation 4(2).

(6) A retailer must not sell sparklers unless they are contained in a retail fireworks package.

Refer to the full legislation from the link below for more information.

Fireworks safety guidelines

Fireworks can be fun for all the family provided they are handled and set off in a safe manner.

When you are setting fireworks off:

  • Ensure they are lit only by a responsible adult.
  • Follow the manufacturer's lighting instructions.
  • Select a safe open place away from buildings or combustible material to set off your fireworks.
  • Stand them in dirt, sand or on a flat surface when lighting.
  • Light them at arm's length and stand well back after ignition.
  • Thoroughly wet fireworks that have been lit but have not gone off before handling or removing them.


  • Animals are secured safely indoors or away from areas where fireworks are being set off.
  • Children are supervised and kept a safe distance away from the lighting area.

Do not:

  • Carry fireworks in your clothing pockets.
  • Throw lit fireworks at persons, animals, motor vehicles, buildings or vegetation.

Always have:

  • A torch available to illuminate what you are doing.
  • A useable water supply available on site.
  • A first aid kit.
  • Someone available who has first aid skills, particularly for burns and eye injury.
  • A telephone handy for emergency use.

Remember, if you light fireworks or a bonfire, you are liable for any injury or damage they cause.

Public fireworks displays licences

If you want to organise a commercial fireworks display, you must first obtain a licence from WorkSafe New Zealand.

Bonfire permits

All bonfires and other open air fires require a Council permit before they are lit. Bonfires are permitted only during daylight hours.

When a Total Fire Ban is in force fire permits will not be granted and fireworks and bonfires cannot be lit.

Bonfires are prohibited:

  • On all Porirua City beaches and foreshores at all times
  • After sunset in any other place
  • Without a fire permit

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