Permits and Bylaw Licensing Fees

This page sets out Permit and Bylaw licensing fees in Porirua City.

The fees were set by resolution of Council at its City Direction meeting held on 28 February 2017 and adopted by Council at its meeting held on 15 March 2017.

Fees applicable from 1 July 2017 and include GST.


The fees for amusement devices are set by Council resolution in accordance with clause 3.5.2 of Part 3 Amusement Gallery and Billiard Saloons of the Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991.

General Bylaws



(a) Keeping of Animals


1. Vet clinics, animal boarding kennels


2. Pig keeping


3. Poultry keeping


4. Beekeeping


(b) Public Places


1. Permit to expose goods for sale


2. Mobile Traders


3. Hawkers, keeper of mobile or travelling shop (food registration)


4. Outdoor Dining Permit


5. Gaming Venue Licence


(c) Signs


Permit to place sign upon or over any public place (annual fee)


(d) Noise Control


Return of impounded equipment

Actual cost*

(e) Amusement Devices


(a) One amusement device (Merry-Go-Rounds, Ferris Wheels etc)


1. For the first seven days, or part thereof


2. For each additional device for the first seven days or part thereof


3. For each device per each further period of seven days or part thereof


(f) Fire Permits


Urban Fire Permits


(g) On-site Wastewater Systems


On-Site Wastewater System Licence


Council Officer Hourly Rates and Late Payment Fees



Late Payment Fees


Late payment fee (after 1 month due date)


Late payment fee (after 2 months due date) plus debt collection agency fee

+ debt collection agency fee

Charges for Council staff**


Manager Environmental Standards Centre


Senior Environmental Health Officer


Environmental Health Officer, plus Principal Rural Fire Officer, plus HSNO Officer


Environmental Officer/Inspector


Other Council Administration Service officers



* Actual Cost includes but is not limited to: Officer time, security firm charges, administration etc.

**Charges include travel, administration and site visit time.

*** Denotes new fee

/hr includes part hours