Dog Registration and Animal Control Fees

This page sets out the dog registration fees and associated charges, and dog/stock impounding fees which are set by resolution of Council each year.

They are set to meet the costs incurred by Council in enforcing and managing dog control legislation.

The fees were set by resolution of Council at its Te Komiti meeting held on 19 May 2016 (item #440/16) and adopted by Council at its meeting held on 25 May 2016 (item #356/16).

Fees applicable from 1 July 2016 and include GST.

Category of Fee


Note: For your convenience, the National Dog Database levy (of $1.50) has been added to all registration fees.


Category A - Registration Fees *


Neutered dogs


Non-neutered dogs


Category B - Registration Fees *


Rebated Categories


1. Working Dogs


(a) neutered dog


(b) non-neutered dog


2. Guide dog for the blind/hearing ear/companion dog


3. Responsible Owner Scheme


(a) neutered dog


(b) non-neutered dog


4. Approved dog obedience/agility course


(a) neutered dog


(b) non-neutered dog


Category C - Other Fees


1. Late Registration Penalty


1. neutered dog


2. non-neutered dog


*As per Statute the 'Late Registration Penalty' cannot be set at more than 50% of the Registration Fee.


2. Impounding Fees


1st impounding


2nd impounding


3rd + impounding


1st impounding 'where impounded after hours'


2nd impounding 'where impounded after hours'


3rd + impounding 'where impounded after hours'


Sustenance fee per day


3. Miscellaneous Dog Related Fees


Responsible dog owner application


Dispensation approval fee for owning more than 2 dogs


Pickup or delivery of dog at owner's request


Putting down elderly or sick dogs at request of owner


Infringement fee - Uncontrolled dogs


Infringement fee - Non-registration of dogs


Destruction of dog


Replacement of registration label


Dog micro-chipping


National Dog Database Levy


4. Stock


Impounding small animal


Impounding large animal


Sustenance fee per day (actual cost of feed (A.C.F.))


Call out cost for stock 5 pm to 7 am

Actual Cost

Officer charge out rate (hour or part thereof)



Actual cost includes but is not limited to: officer time, administration, cartage, feed costs, advertising etc.

* The National Dog Database levy ($1.50) has been added to all registration fees.

** The Dog Control Act 1996 allows a late fee of no more than 50% to be charged by Councils.  This fee is in addition to the appropriate registration and will result in the owner not qualifying for the Responsible Owner Scheme for two years.

*** Infringement fees are set by Statute.