Cemetery and Crematorium Services Fees

This page lists cemetery and crematorium services fees for Porirua City from 1 July 2017.

Fees were approved by the Chief Executive, under delegated authority on 5 April 2017.  Authority to set these fees and charges was delegated to the Chief Executive or delegate in March 2008 (item #35/08). Fees include GST.


Burials Adult



Adult Burials - plot and interment, including grave mats and lowering devices


Over Standard Sized Burial row - plot and interment


Double depth burial


Over Standard Sized Caskets - extra width fee


Oblong Casket - extra width fee


Adult Second Interment


Servicemans Burial - interment only, no plot fee




Out of District full size Adult Plots Fee - surcharge in addition to plot fee


Charges applicable to both Adult and Child burials


Funerals extending beyond 4 pm


Surcharge for Saturday burials, in addition to all other burial fees


Monument permit



Burials Children (up to 10 years)



Children 1 to 10 years - plot and interment


Children (under 1 year) - plot and interment


Stillborn (Children's Section) - plot and interment


Children (up to 10 years) 2nd interment (Adult Section only)


Out of District Children's Plot Fee - surcharge in addition to plot fee


Ashes Burial



Ashes, Monument and Garden Plot


Ashes and Plaque Plot


Serviceman's Ashes Plot

No charge

Ashes Interment Fee - all plots


Out of District Ashes Plot - surcharge in addition to plot fee (except where cremated at Whenua Tapu)


Scattering of Ashes from another Crematorium in native bush





Adult Cremations (11 years of age and over). Medical fee included.


Children 1-10 years. (Rimu urn included)


Stillborn and Children under 1 year. (Rimu urn included)


Cremations/Services later than 4.00 pm (Monday to Thursday), surcharge/late fee in addition to all other cremation fees


Cremations/Services from 4 pm Friday to 8 am Monday, surcharge/late fee in addition to all other cremation fees


Rimu Urn


Cremations, Interment and Monument, Garden Plot or Plaque



Cremation, interment and Monument or Garden Plot (package)


Cremation, interment and Plaque Plot (package)


Chapel Hire

Chapel Hire


Chapel Hire - first 30 minutes


Chapel Hire - every additional 30 minutes





Book of Remembrance (Basic 2 line inscription)


Bronze Memorial Wall Plaque (150 mm x 100 mm)


Standard Inscription


Extra Inscription


Genealogical Enquiry Search Fee



Miscellaneous Requirements

Price on Application.