Event Licences and Permits

This page has information for an event organiser or contributor in Porirua City, who may need a Council permit, licence or consent if you will be:

We recommend that you contact the Council and ask for an Events Co-ordinator to assist you with your planning.

You will need to apply to the Porirua City Council Bylaws Team if you are holding an event in a public place in Porirua. This does not include events in Parks and Reserves.

Please phone Council's Contact Centre on (04) 237 5089 or by email enquiries@pcc.govt.nz

Public Places

Activities that take place within the Porirua district are controlled by the  Public Places bylaw in order to maintain a standard of public safety and enjoyment. Permission must be sought from the Bylaws team for any event that is to be held on a public place other than in Parks and Reserves.

Selling Alcohol

If alcohol will be sold at your event, you, or the person/group selling the alcohol, will need a Special Licence, and a certificated manager must be on duty.  You need to apply for a Special Licence at least 10 working days before the event. 

Putting up Signs

If you wish to advertise your event using signs on public property, you must apply to the Council in writing for a Community Sign permit.  There are a number of approved sites around Porirua City.  All signs must adhere to sign specifications (and may require a Building and/or Resource Consent).  There is no permit fee for community signs.

Using Fireworks

Fireworks and bonfires cannot be lit if a Total Fire Ban is in force in Porirua City.

Commercial fireworks displays must be licensed by the Occupational Safety and Health Inspector, Worksafe New Zealand, Wellington.  Licences are issued in consultation with the New Zealand Fire Service and the Council's Principal Rural Fire Officer.

Contact the OSH Inspector of Explosives on (04) 385 7771.

Selling Goods or Services

A Council permit is required to operate stalls, or to sell, display or offer goods or services for sale, or conduct promotional activity in any public place.

Two general types of stalls and displays are allowed.  They are Temporary Non-Commercial Food and Non-Food Stalls, and Commercial Stalls.

Allow 5 working days for your permit to be approved.

Putting up marquees and poles

If you are putting up a marquee (over 30 square metres in size) or erecting a pole (over 7 metres in height), you will need a Building Consent, and possibly a Resource Consent, to ensure it complies with current building standards.

Building and Resource Consents must be obtained before any construction work is started.

Consent Fees are based on the amount of time involved processing the application by Council Officers.  A deposit is payable on lodging the application.

Providing Entertainment


A permit is required if you wish to busk or provide street entertainment in Porirua City.  Entertainment must be of a reasonable standard in talent, expertise and presentation, and normal standards of decency apply.  Allow 5 working days for approval.  There is no permit fee.

Open air concerts and raves

The Porirua City District Plan sets maximum permissible noise levels for the City Centre and two other zones.  If you are organising an open air consent ensure your event complies with the current regulations before applying for a permit.

Providing Amusement Devices

An amusement device is any mechanically powered unit that is used for rider enjoyment.

Bouncy castles, inflatable slides and non-powered equipment are not amusement devices and do not require a permit to operate. Inflatable devices must be operated according to Worksafe NZ guidelines.

Amusement devices must have:

  • a certificate of registration issued by Worksafe NZ
  • a permit to operate (an amusement device permit) issued by Porirua City Council.

You should apply for permit at least ten working days before your planned event.

Traffic Management

All events taking place within the road corridor will require a Temporary Traffic Plan. In addition, where an organised event is not in the road corridor but where the surrounding road network may be affected by a larger than normal vehicle or pedestrian movements, a Traffic Management Plan may still be required. e.g. School gala or a sporting event.  This does not include a “Temporary Road Closure”. 

The responsibility rests with the event organiser to liaise with Council to ascertain what TMPs may be required.

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