Event Funding and Sponsorship

This page gives funding and sponsorship information and links for Event Managers.

Funding Sources

There are various sources of funding available for community events being held in Porirua City.

The first place to start is at your local library, using the givUS database (see link below).  You can enter the type of event or classification of your organisation, and the results will list the places you can possibly receive funding.

Sponsorship Proposal Guideline

This is a generic sponsorship proposal guideline provided by the Porirua City Council for event organisers wishing to run events within the Porirua City region. We suggest that you try to cover as many of these points as possible in your sponsorship proposal. We hope that this guideline can be of use to you and your group.

The Sponsorship Property

  • What is the event/item to be sponsored (dates, venues, description of the event/item)?
  • Who is the target audience (include numbers and national/international breakdown)?
  • Describe ownership and/or control of naming rights.
  • What is the background and experience of the organiser?

Economic Impact (if any)

How will this event/item:

  • Contribute to Porirua’s economic growth and development?
  • Promote Porirua, regionally and nationally?

Benefits Package

  • What benefits will the sponsor/supporter receive?
  • How will this event/item promote the sponsor/supporter?
    (Include any advertising, public relations, branding, hospitality, speaking, on-site display and direct marketing opportunities.)
  • How extensive/targeted is the marketing and communication programme around the event/item?
  • Is there an opportunity to distribute sponsor's marketing material?
  • Is there an opportunity for sponsors to develop new and relevant contacts?
  • Is this an exclusive sponsorship?
  • Who are the other sponsors or who are they likely to be and what level of sponsorship will they hold (eg. principal sponsor, naming rights sponsor, supporter, etc)?


  • What is the contribution required of the sponsor?
  • When is payment required?
  • What other resource may be required/useful from the sponsor?


  • How will the success of this event/item be measured for organisers and sponsors ?
  • Will a follow-up report be provided, for the sponsor confirming all benefits provided, level of media coverage/promotional value?

Risk Awareness

  • Does the event/item include any risks in relation to participant safety?
  • Has a risk management analysis been conducted by the promoter/organiser?
  • Is good weather or any other external (natural) factor a prerequisite for success?
  • Is there sufficient time to plan the event/item and implement communication strategies around it?
  • Does the sponsor/supporter have sign off on any/all production matters? 
NOTE: This guideline is not intended to be used as a funding application to Porirua City Council.  For information about Council Funding Policy, please contact our Event Coordinators on ph (04) 237 5089.

Links to more information

External website:

  • givUS.  You can enter the type of event or classification of your organisation, and the results will list the places you can possibly receive funding.