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This page has information about the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (Porirua), our facilities, the services we provide, and projects to support resilience in the community.

What we do

The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO) helps the communities of the Greater Wellington region prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies and disasters.

We work under the requirements of the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Act 2002.

On a day-to-day basis, we plan, train, exercise, educate and work on projects that will help our communities become more resilient.

In any Porirua event that needs the coordination of a range of emergency agencies, or a declared State of Emergency, the Porirua Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) will be activated.  The EOC becomes a hive of activity, where critical decisions are made in consultation with emergency services and other involved in disaster response.

Facilities - Any where, any time

The Porirua office of the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office and Porirua EOC is located in the CBD, Porirua, but some types of emergencies may mean we have to work closer to where the action is (or further away!), so we've made all our systems portable.

Our laptops and radios can all run on batteries or generators, and we have mobile internet and phone via cellular or satellite networks.

WREMO Services

If you would like someone to talk to you about how to prepare yourself and your family for an emergency, just send us an email –

We are happy to talk to:

  • schools
  • businesses & workplaces
  • clubs
  • church groups
  • health & community support groups
  • Neighbourhood Support groups
  • you!

Porirua Projects

Community water tanks

With the support of schools and community organisations, we are installing 25,000L rainwater collection tanks in key community locations throughout Porirua. We have over 65 tanks installed, with an aim of having over 2 million litres of water stored for an emergency.

Links to more emergency information - the WREMO website for emergency information and action plans - The WREMO website for emergency preparedness information

Porirua’s current emergency status - What's happening now?

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Community emergency water supplies

Household emergency water supplies