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This page explains the reasons you need a household emergency supply of water.

You need water for survival

Water is necessary for survival. You need water for drinking, cleaning and hygiene and preparing food.

The water that comes out of your tap in Porirua comes from the Te Marua storage lakes north of Upper Hutt. It gets pumped up and over Haywards Hill before flowing down to our reservoirs, and on down to you.

In a big event, like an earthquake, this network may be severely damaged. We’ll try to preserve the water in the reservoirs by shutting down the supply. This means that there will be no supply of water directly to your house or workplace, so you need to have some stored.

On a day-to-day basis, sometimes we have to do a bit of maintenance on the system, so water may be cut off to your street for a short time. A perfect time to use some of your stored water!

Learn how to store water for an emergency

Find out where you can find water in an emeregncy

Learn how to make water safe to drink

Rainwater tanks - only $105

Example of a rainwater tank and fittings.

Rain water tanks for your emergency water supply are now available for purchase. 

The 200 litre tank which comes with fittings costs $105 and can be purchased and picked up at our Customer Service Centre on the ground Floor of the PCC Administration Building, 16 Cobham Court Porirua. Sorry we do not deliver!

For more information check the Get Prepared website.

10 litre water containers for sale - just $5 each!

10L emergency water containers - just $5 each

Porirua City Counci has 10L plastic water containers available from Reception at the amazing price of just $5 each. These sturdy PET bottles have a no-glug design, and you can fill them right to the top.

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