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This section has information on Emergency Management and Civil Defence, and how you can prepare for an emergency.

WREMO - a regional approach

The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office (WREMO - the W is silent like in write)  manages Civil Defence Emergency Management services in support of the nine City, District, and Regional Councils of the Wellington region. This is important as disasters don’t abide by territorial boundaries and many of our people live in one part of the region and work in another. The shared approach to emergency management will enable our communities to be better prepared and will provide an ability to share resources to best effect.  
WREMO is "home-based" in the earthquake-resistant Emergency Management building in Turnbull Street, Thorndon, Wellington, and another facility in Laings Road, Hutt City.  The WREMO staff work throughout the region, operating from Emergency Management Offices at Porirua, Kapiti, and Masterton.   
Emergency Management provides two vital roles: building resilient communities, and building and maintaining the structures, systems and teams that will enable our community to respond and recover from disasters.

Be prepared

Emergencies happen every single day. Most of the time, these affect only a few people and can be dealt with by Police, Fire Service, Ambulance, and other medical services in our community.

Sometimes emergencies are much worse, and they can affect suburbs, cities, entire regions, maybe the whole country.

Dealing with these kinds of large-scale emergencies is what emergency management is all about - using science, technology, planning and management to get us ready, and get us through.

Here are some things you can do:

It’s Easy – Get prepared for an emergency

Find your nearest Civil Defence Centre

Learn about the local hazards in Porirua

Check our emergency status page to find out what is happening

Links to more emergency information - The WREMO website for emergencies and preparedness information

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