Electric vehicles and Charging Stations

This page has links to information on electric vehicles: the models currently available, what the terms mean, and where to charge them.

Past, present and future of electric vehicles

Some of the first vehicles in the later part of the 19th century were electric vehicles (steam was most popular, followed by electricity, then gasoline). However, by the 1920s large petroleum discoveries and an extensive road network fuelled the adoption of the internal combustion engine – they were faster and could go further. They were quick to refuel.

The status quo is now being challenged by electric vehicles. Climate change, air quality, imported fuel cost and other environmental concerns have encouraged the uptake of first hybrid petrol/electric vehicles and now all electric vehicles (plugin).

This is an area of rapid development with some manufacturers deciding to use fuel cells, based on piped hydrogen, as the charging source for electric vehicles. Electric vehicle range is always improving and the prices are dropping as economies of scale take effect.

Porirua City Council wants to encourage low emission, as well as active, modes of transport, so here are some links for further information to promote the uptake of environmentally benign transport solutions.

Porirua electric charging station

An electric charging station will be opened in Serlby Place in the Porirua CBD in early 2017. The charger being installed is high voltage and quick, and will recharge most vehicles within 25 minutes. Users will pay for using the service. When the charging station has been installed, an opening ceremony will be held.