Dog Registration Tags

This page explains what action should be taken when your dog collar tag has become lost.

Dogs must wear tags

All registered dogs must wear a colour-coded registration tag issued for the current registration year at all times when the dog is away from its home property.

Lost or missing tag

If your dog’s collar tag has become lost or is missing, you must report it personally to our Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua.

We will issue a new tag valid for the remainder of the current registration period.

You will need to pay for a replacement dog tag, by EFTPOS or cash.

Our Animal Ranger may seize and impound a dog:

  • where it is over the age of 3 months not wearing a collar with a current registration label
  • and is found on any land or premises other than the land or premises of the owner of the dog,
  • or any such dog is found in a public place.

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