Dog Registration Discounts

This page explains how you can apply for a discount on your dog registration fee, and the eligibility requirements.

Are you eligible

We give a registration fee discount for:

  • dog owners who qualify as “Responsible Owners”,
  • dogs that are neutered,
  • dogs with a current obedience certificate,
  • guide dogs

Responsible Dog Owner Status

To qualify for a responsible dog owner rebate you must:

  • Apply before 1 June;
  • Register your dog(s) by 1 August each year;
  • pay the Responsible Dog Owner Inspection Fee;
  • have a fully fenced section or area on your property where the dog(s) can be contained so they cannot roam freely; 
  • have your dog(s) micro-chipped in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996;
  • comply fully with the Porirua City Council Animal Control Bylaws and the Dog Control Act 1996;
  • have had no complaints about your dog(s) in the previous 12 months;
  • clean up after your dog(s) in any public place;
  • the property where the dog is kept is to be available for an inspection during normal working hours.

You must also keep us updated with:

  • Your current contact telephone number/s.
  • The details of new dogs under your care, litters born and dog deaths.
  • The name and address of new owners where you sell or otherwise dispose of your dog.

You are ineligible if your dog or dogs are:

  • Hunting or farm dogs.
  • Dangerous dog breeds or types.
  • Classified as dangerous.
  • The subject of any nuisance or other complaint to Council.

How to apply for a discount

You must apply for a responsible dog owner rebate before 1 June in each year. This is so a site inspection can be completed before the start of annual dog registration on 1 July in each year.

Apply in writing to our Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua.

Our Animal Control Officers will inspect your property before your application is granted. This is to assess site suitability, dog accommodation and hygiene standards.

Property inspections are carried out between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

Your "responsible owner" status will remain in force until:

  • The dog or dogs for which it was approved dies; or
  • You change your address; or
  • We revoke the Responsible Owner status.

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