Micro-Chipping your Dog

This page explains the requirements of the Dog Control Act 1996 for the microchipping of dogs.

Your dog must be implanted with an identification micro-chip when the dog is:

  • classified as dangerous or menacing; or
  • being first registered; or
  • impounded and is un-chipped and unregistered; or
  • un-chipped and has been impounded on two or more occasions. (Note: In these cases chipping must be completed before the dog is released from the pound).

The only exceptions to the above requirements are farm dogs that are kept solely or principally for the purpose of herding or driving stock. These dogs must have unique collars and/or labelling.

How your dog will be micro-chipped

Identification micro-chips are implanted using government approved procedures, equipment and chips.

Micro-chipping may be carried out by veterinarians, or our Animal Control officers by appointment.

A micro-chipping fee is payable.

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