Dog Dispensation Licences

This page explains how to apply for a Dog Dispensation Licence.

If you want to keep more than two dogs on your property, you may apply for a Dispensation Licence.

The licence allows you to have more than two dogs up to the total number approved in the licence. 

A Dispensation Licence fee is required to be paid annually.

How to apply for a dispensation licence

Visit our Customer Service Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, complete an application form, and provide the following information:

  • The number of additional dogs applied for.
  • The full street address at which the dog or dogs will be kept.
  • The full name, street address and contact details of the dog’s owner if you are not the owner.
  • Full details of the proposed additional dogs including their name, breed, dog type, age, description, tattoo, chip, other means of identification and current registration details (if applicable).
  • Your dog kennelling facilities and security facilities.
  • Your neighbour’s signed written approval to your proposal.

You must apply for your new Dispensation Licence or licence renewal before 1 June in each year.

If you are proposing to build new accommodation for your dogs you may also require a Resource Consent and/or a Building Consent before doing so.

Property Inspections

Our Animal Control Officer will inspect your property to assess the suitability of your property to keep more than two dogs. The inspection will cover the type and suitability of your dog accommodation, exercise space available and hygiene standards. A site inspection is required before the dispensation licence can be granted.

Revoking a Dispensation Licence

Your Dispensation Licence may be revoked at any time where:

  • Your dog/s create a nuisance or hazard to health, property and safety or they otherwise adversely affect the neighbourhood; or
  • You do not comply with the Dispensation Licence conditions.

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