Concessions in Reserves

This page gives information about the activities on reserves which must be authorised by Council.

The Reserves Act and the Reserves Management Plan specify the types of activity that first require authorisation by Council.

Activities requiring Authorisation

The following activities can only be undertaken in accordance with an Authorisation.

The authorisation may be a lease, licence, permit, easement, agreement or other authority, or by amendments to an existing Authorisation. For more information, refer to the policies in the Reserves Management Plan.

(a) Allowed or Managed Activity in the Reserves Management Plan Parts Two and Three that cannot comply with the standards and terms of the relevant policies.

(b) Activities specifically requiring Authorisation, including:

  1. aircraft use, described in policy 5.2.2;
  2. animals, described in policy 5.3.4;
  3. car parks and exclusive use of car parks, described in policy 4.5.5;
  4. change in use of a facility or agreed activity, described in policy 1.2.1;
  5. collection of plant material and research, described in policies 3.3.13;
  6. commercial uses described in policy 5.10.2;
  7. construction, alterations or extensions described in policy 4.7.5;
  8. filming and photography described in policy 5.4.2;
  9. fireworks displays, described in policy 5.5.2;
  10. gardening, grazing, farming and forestry, described in the introduction to section 5.7;
  11. lighting, described in policy 4.3.4;
  12. memorials and the scattering of ashes, described in policy 4.4.3;
  13. motorised model airplanes, described in policy 5.1.12;
  14. new recreation opportunities described in policy 5.1.7;
  15. signage, described in policy 5.9.7;
  16. utility infrastructure, described in policy 4.7.7;
  17. vegetation removal or destruction, described in policies 3.3.3 or 3.3.13;

(c) any other activity that requires a lease, licence, easement, permit or other Authorisation in accordance with the Reserves Act.