Creative Communities Funding Scheme

This page describes the funding available for community groups involved in the arts from the Creative Communities Funding Scheme.

The Creative Communities Scheme is a partnership between Creative New Zealand (the national arts development agency) and local councils in New Zealand.

Each council takes responsibility for delivering the scheme in its area. Local decision-making is the key to the scheme: applications are considered by assessment committees with knowledge and experience of the arts in their area.

Funding Grants

  • The current round is now open and closes on 7 August 2017.
  • This is for projects that take place between 4 September 2017 and 4 September 2018.

List of successful applicants (pdf):

Forms and Guides

  • Funding Application Form - Word, PDF
  • Guide for Applicants (14 page pdf 235KB)
  • Brochure
  • Creative New Zealand website
  • Purpose of the scheme

    The Creative Communities Scheme supports and encourages local communities to create and present diverse opportunities for accessing and participating in arts activities within their specific geographical area, as well as for defined communities of interest.

    Under the scheme, “the arts” is defined as “all forms of creative and interpretative expression”.

    Who can apply?

    • An application can be from an individual or from a group.
    • Individual applicants must be New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.

    If you’ve previously received funding under the Creative Communities Scheme, either as an individual or as a member of a group, you must have completed a project report for the earlier project before any further applications from you will be considered.

    Can I get funding for my project?

    The project must –

    • have an arts or creative cultural focus
    • meet one or more of the three funding criteria (see below)
    • be completed within 12 months after funding is approved
    • benefit local communities
    • take place within the city or district where the application is made, or benefit local communities within that city or district
    • not have started before funding is approved
    • not have already been funded through Creative New Zealand’s contestable funding programme for the same purpose
    • not have already been funded through Creative New Zealand’s multi-year funding programme.

    Funding criteria

    Your project must meet one or more of the following funding criteria –

    • Broad community involvement – The project will create opportunities for local communities to engage with and participate in arts activities.
    • Diversity – The project will support the diverse arts and cultural traditions of local communities, enriching and promoting their uniqueness and cultural diversity.
    • Young people – The project will enable and encourage young people (under 18 years) to engage with and actively participate in the arts.

    Types of projects or activities that could be funded include –

    • Exhibitions, productions, concerts, festivals, workshops and presentations that offer opportunities for community involvement in the arts
    • Activities that support the traditions and arts of ethnic communities
    • Youth arts events
    • Artist-led projects involving local communities
    • Materials for arts activities or programmes
    • Personnel costs for one-off, short-term projects
    • Promotion and publicity of arts activities to communities.

    Types of projects or activities that cannot be funded include –

    • Activities that are not arts-focused
    • Activities that are the direct responsibility of schools or other education institutions
    • Ongoing administration costs not related to a specific project
    • Projects that are the core business of an organisation or service provider
    • Retrospective project costs (for projects already started or completed)
    • Catering costs of an event
    • Fundraising activities
    • Travel for individuals or groups to attend events, presentations or shows
    • Developing facilities, such as gallery and theatre lights, stage curtains or building restoration
    • Buying capital items, such as computers, cameras, musical instruments, costumes or uniforms


    Applications must include the following:

    • a detailed budget
    • a project description, including dates, numbers of participants, and a programme of what you intend to achieve. If you are paying fees to artists or tutors include a brief CV of who they are and their role in your project.
    • financial information summarising your group’s finances for the last financial year.

    Contact details

    For further assistance, please contact the Scheme Administrator at :

    Bridget Reweti, email
    Porirua City Council
    P O Box 50-218
    Porirua City
    Phone: (04) 237 1564