Community Advertising Signs

This page provides information on setting up and displaying community advertising or promotional signs in public areas in Porirua City.

What is a community advertising sign?

Community signs are signs that may be used by community-based organisations to advertise or promote their activities or provide advice on any community facility, service, exhibition, entertainment or recreational event.

They also include temporary real estate signs advertising buildings or land for sale or lease or advisory signs relating to specific works on building or demolition sites.

A "community organisation" includes established Porirua City based art, charitable, cultural, educational, health, religious, sports, theatrical club, organisations or advisory groups. 


A Council permit is required to display community signs.  Apply to us by emailing and include the following information:

  • The full name of the person making the application and name of the organisation on whose behalf the application is being made.
  • Contact person’s details, contact number/s and address.
  • The purpose of the sign i.e. the activity or event being advertised or promoted.
  • Details of the design, size, type, construction and proposed method of display.
  • A site plan showing the proposed location of the sign.
  • The dates on which and times during which the sign is to be displayed.

If a Resource Consent or Building Consent is required, you must apply for them separately.

Approved Locations

A number of locations throughout Porirua City have been pre-approved for community sign display.  The sites have been chosen with a view to:

  • Assisting community groups to achieve a high level of exposure.
  • Protecting important underground utility services.
  • Minimising damage to grass and road reserve areas.
  • Preventing hazards for road and pedestrian traffic.
  • Maintaining the good appearance of the city.

Prohibited Locations

Signs cannot be placed or displayed:

  • Within 50 metres of any road or street intersection.
  • On any State Highway.
  • On any City park or reserve.
  • On any vehicle, trailer or stand parked on any road, footpath, berm or other public place.
  • In such a manner as to create a hazard or danger to the public or obstruct pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

Minimum Standards

Signs must be of a safe, robust and comply with New Zealand standards - NZS4203:1984, Part 4 – Windloads.

They only may be single faced i.e., one display face per sign.  "V" and other multi-faced signs are prohibited.

They cannot exceed 1.8 metres in total height above ground level or have a face surface area exceeding 2 square metres (approx. 1400 mm x 1400 mm) in size.

Signs exceeding the size and construction restrictions will require a Building Consent and Resource Consent.

Your sign must not:

  • Contain any offensive words, pictures or material.
  • Be constructed of or contain any reflective material.
  • Appear similar to traffic signs in design, shape or colour.
  • Have any moving parts.
  • Have means of self-illumination i.e., they have internal or external lighting.

You must remove your signs promptly on completion of the event or activity to which they relate.

Real estate signs

Real estate signs advertising land or buildings for sale or lease may be displayed without a permit provided they relate solely to the land, building or premises on which they are being displayed.

Real estate signs are prohibited on roads, road reserves, footpaths and grass berms and are restricted to one sign per site per real estate agency contracted to sell or lease the land or premises being advertised.

All signs must be removed on the day on which possession of the property is legally transferred to the new owner or tenant.

Unauthorised signs

Council officers will remove and impound all non-complying signs or signs being found displayed in breach of their permit conditions.

Impounding and storage fees are payable for reclaimed signs.

Permit fees

There is no permit fee for signs complying with the specified size.

However fees may be payable for signs that require a Building or Resource Consent.

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