Camping Grounds

This page explains the registration requirements for camping grounds, caravan and or mobile home parks in Porirua City.


Camping grounds and relocatable home parks must be registered with Council in accordance with the requirements of the Camping Ground Regulations 1985.

Registration is renewable on 1 September in each year.

The regulations also prescribe the camping-ground management standards.

Relocatable home parks

A relocatable home park is any camping-ground used or intended to be used for relocatable homes.

Relocatable home parks must comply with the site requirements as set out in the Camping Ground Regulations.

The owner of a relocatable home situated in a relocatable home park is responsible for ensuring their home complies with the New Zealand Building Code.  

Council may grant limited exemption to the regulations.

Camping ground standards

The camping ground must comply with the following standards as set out in the regulations:

  • Buildings
  • Water supply
  • Ablution and sanitary fixtures
  • Refuse disposal
  • Cooking places
  • Laundry facilities
  • Drainage.

The camping ground, relocatable home park and their services and facilities are subject to regular inspection by Council Environmental Health Officers.

The initial registration fee covers the cost of those inspections. If additional inspections are necessary, further fees will be payable.

Building and Resource Consents

If you are proposing to set up a new camping ground or relocatable home park, you will require both a Building Consent and Resource Consent.

Note: You must have all Resource Consents and Building Consents required before you start any site work.

Once you have full Resource Management Act 1991 and Building Act 2004 compliance, apply to us to register your facility.

Depending on their size, type, location and method of fixture, advertising signs must comply with Building, District Plan and/or Bylaw requirements.

Owners' responsibilities

Your registration certificate must be clearly displayed for public viewing.

If there is a change in ownership, the new owner must promptly notify us and pay a Transfer of Ownership fee.


Registration is renewable by 1 September in each year.

We will invoice you for this prior to the close off date.

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