Business and Commercial Advertising Signs

This page provides information on the display of advertising and promotional signs by businesses in public areas in Porirua City.


You require a Council permit to display a business advertising sign in Porirua City. Business signs are non-specific and may include permanent signage other than building naming signs used to advertise or promote any business, product or service.

They may also be freestanding, sky (i.e., roof or verandah top mounted), wall mounted, under-verandah, fascia verandah or transom signs fixed on or attached to any building or other structure.

Fingerboard signs are not permitted to be used for advertising a business or commercial operation.


Advertising signs displayed on private land or premises must relate directly to the business or other activities carried out on that land or premises.

Your business sign must:

  • Have a Building Consent for free standing or signs attached to a Building and Resource Consent for all sign types.
  • Comply with the Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991 Sign Bylaw - Part 15 as applicable in each case.
  • Comply with the New Zealand Standard NZ4203:1984.
  • Comply with the New Zealand Standard NZ4223:1985 for safety glass where applicable.
  • Be able to withstand wind pressure of not less than 1.5 kilopascals from every direction.

The pasting or attachment of signs, posters or other documents on any building, wall, fence, statue, lamp post, verandah post, gate, telephone pole, electric light standard, power pole, waiting or shelter shed or rubbish receptacle is prohibited.


You apply for your business sign permit in writing to us providing full details of what you are proposing to do with sign specifications etc.

It is recommended you call or visit our Customer Services Centre before making your application to obtain information and advice on:

  • Any Building Consent and new Zealand Building Code requirements.
  • Resource Consent requirements.
  • The Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991 - Sign Bylaw - Part 15 requirements.

Have details of the proposed sign with you when you do this. They should include:

  • Design details.
  • Design drawings.
  • Construction specifications.
  • Electrical details if applicable.
  • A site plan showing the sign's proposed location.
  • A photograph or artist's impression of the proposed sign.
  • Erection and/or installation details.

Application fees

The fees payable in each case will depend on the nature and type of sign or signs proposed, and whether or not they require a Building or Resource Consent.

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