Building Inspections

This page provides information on the building site inspection requirements in Porirua City.

Where Council has issued the Building Consent, our Building Compliance Officers will carry out inspections at set stages of your building project. Their purpose is to confirm the work complies with the Building Consent and Building Code.

It is the responsibility of the property owner and/or their representative to ensure that inspections are booked in advance and that all inspections required are carried out and that work does not continue until relevant inspections are passed.

A list of inspections is included in your building consent when it is issued.  This list is indicative only and where construction methods change or the need for additional types of inspections become apparent then these inspections need to be undertaken regardless of whether it is listed or not.  In the event additional inspections become necessary extra charges may be applied before your Code Compliance Certificate is issued. 

Inspections appointments

Inspections are carried out only by appointment from Monday - Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm excluding public holidays.

Same day bookings are not available and appointments will be allocated based on the inspection workload.

Booking a site inspection

To book an inspection call Council’s Customer Services Centre "Inspection Hotline" (04) 237 3844 during normal business hours.

You will need the following information to do this:

  • Your Building Consent number.
  • The site location and/or street address.
  • The type of inspection required i.e., foundation, piles, pre-slab pour, plumbing, drainage, pre-clad, pre-line, etc.
  • The name and telephone number of the on site contact person.

Note: Please ensure you advise the Customer Services Centre when booking a Code Compliance Certificate (final) inspection, as these inspections require more time than a stage inspection.

Your Building Consent documents, plans and specifications must be available on site for viewing by the inspecting officer.

Final Inspection for Code Compliance Certificate

When building work is completed, you need to book a final inspection and apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. 

Failed Inspections

Remedial work must be completed before building work can continue. 

When work is failed on inspection, building work may only resume after all remedial work has been completed, re-inspected and approved.

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