Licensee Responsibilities

This page describes the key responsibilities of the Licensee under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

All licences

  • Amenity and good order of the locality, means the extent to which, and ways in which, the locality in which the premises concerned are situated is pleasant and agreeable.
  • Display of Licence: this must be displayed at all times together with the statement of all conditions subject to which it is issued. This must be attached to the inside of the premise and be easily read by people entering each principal entrance.
  • Renewals: That these are submitted before the statutory 20 working days before the expiry date of the licence. That notices to the public of the application are done correctly after it is submitted.
  • Promoting Alcohol: It is important that excessive or fast consumption is not encouraged.
  • Regular and on-going training to staff.

On and Club Licences

  • Non-alcoholic drinks: must be available at all times the premise is open to sell and supply alcohol, there must be a reasonable range and reasonably priced.
  • Low alcoholic drinks: must be available these are available at all times premise is open.
  • Food to be available: must be available at all times premise is open for sale and supply of alcohol.
  • Help with and information about transport to be available: staff to provide assistance and information is readily available.
  • Prevent intoxication

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