Advertising Signs

This page describes the different types of advertising signs allowed in Porirua City.

Definition of advertising sign

Advertising signs include any name, figure, character, outline, display, notice, placard, poster, handbill, advertising device or appliance or any other thing of a similar nature to attract the attention of passers by, and includes all parts, portions, units and materials composing same, together with the frame, backgrounds, structure and support or anchorages. It excludes a window sign.

There are four general types of sign:

  • Sandwich Board
  • Community
  • Business and Commercial
  • Electioneering


Council approval is required for all signs whether on public or private land or buildings.

Advertising signs must comply with Council's:

  • Sign Bylaw - Part 15 (Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991)
  • District Plan.

Talk to us before constructing, installing or displaying your sign.

Sandwich board signs are restricted to the central and suburban business districts.

Community Signs are restricted to the sites and locations within the city district designated as sign display areas, and to the day or days specifically authorised in the permit issued for each sign.

General Advertising Signs for business or commercial use must have a Resource Consent and/or Building Consent.

Fingerboard signs are not permitted to be used for advertising a business or commercial operation.  They may only be used as directional signage for approved community organisations or places of general interest.

Electioneering Signs are:

  • Required to comply with the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005.
  • Restricted to the sites and locations within the city district designated as sign display areas.

Permit requirements

Depending on the sign's size, type, design, method of construction, its purpose location and display content approval may be given by means of a:

  • Permit issued under the Porirua City Council General Bylaw 1991.
  • Resource Consent granted under the Resource Management Act 1991.
  • Building Consent granted under the Building Act 2004; or
  • A combination of the above.

Building and Resource Consents are required for:

  • Signs exceeding 1.8 metres in height above ground level.
  • Signs exceeding two square metres in face surface area.
  • Roof, wall and verandah mounted signs. Note: Under verandah and wall mounted signs in the canopied area of the Central Business District must comply with special construction and mounting requirements.
  • Third party signs i.e., signs that are located on one site but advertise or promote some business or other activity, product, service not directly related to that property.

Approval process

If you are applying for a Resource Consent and/or a Building Consent, you should include details of your proposed signage in your application/s to enable all building and environmental factors to be considered together.

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