Abandoned and Derelict Motor Vehicles

This page explains the legal situation regarding abandoned and derelict vehicles on public roads in Porirua City.

What is an abandoned vehicle?

A vehicle is considered abandoned when it has been left in a Council controlled area if any of the following four scenarios apply:

(i)  evidence of a vehicle inspection and a licence label affixed to it, but each document has expired by more than 31 days; or
(ii)  evidence of a vehicle inspection affixed to it that has expired by more than 31 days and no licence label affixed to it; or
(iii) a licence label affixed to it that has expired by more than 31 days and no evidence of vehicle inspection affixed to it; or
(iv) neither an evidence of vehicle inspection nor a licence label affixed to it.

Removal and disposal of abandoned vehicles

If you own a vehicle that is not roadworthy or has no sale value, please do not dump it on the street.

Unwanted vehicles can be sold to auto wreckers who will pick up the vehicle free of charge. 

Council has the authority to remove and dispose of abandoned vehicles under the provisions of the Local Government Act 1974 Section 356 and 356A.  This authority does not extend to private land regardless of how the vehicle came to be on that land.

Wrecked or stripped vehicles are removed and disposed of immediately.

Provided a vehicle is intact, it is not a litter problem and does not constitute a public safety or health hazard, it will be left where it is on the road until enquiries are complete.

The last registered owner will be required to remove the vehicle within 7 days.

If they fail to do this, the vehicle may be treated as abandoned and removed.

Impounded vehicles are held for a minimum period of 10 days.  After 10 days the vehicle may be disposed of and proceeds from the disposal of the vehicle are used to cover any tow and storage costs incurred by us.

Report abandoned vehicles

Report an abandoned or derelict vehicle to us on phone (04) 237 5089.

Please provide the following information about the vehicle:

  • Location
  • Make and Model
  • Registration
  • Colour
  • Warrant of Fitness and Licence Label expiry date
  • Condition

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